"Vyzhnytskiy" National Nature Park is located in Vyzhnytsya district of Chernivtsi oblast. The Park in its today’s form was established in 1995 although the history of its creation dates back to late 1940s. It stretches over the interfluves area between the Cheremosh and the Siret rivers. The total area now makes 11238 hectares.

The key purposes of the Park are the protection of the Carpathian biological diversity, regeneration and rational use of the territory natural resources. Therefore, the territory is broken in the following functional zones:

  • protected zone – 2087.2 hectares; purposed for the
  • regulated recreation zone – 4853.3 hectares
  • permanent recreation zone – 21.8 hectares
  • commercial zone – 4275.7 hectares


According to recent research, the Tracheophyt flora on the Park territory includes 621 species. The plants belong to 91 families. The fauna includes 3000 species, of which vertebrate animals make 217 species (84.8% from their total quantity in the Carpathians). Many flora and fauna species living on the Park territory have been entered to the Red Book of Ukraine and international lists of animals subject to protection.

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