BUkovynka cave

The Bykovynka cave is located 1.5km to the North West from Stalnivtsi village of Novoselytsya district, Chernivtsi oblast. This cave is the first largest Bykovynian cave. It was discovered in 1976 in the wall of an abandoned plaster quarry explored by Chernivtsi speleologists. Today there are two caves, Bukovynka-1 and Bukovynka-2. These caves have separate entrances, own passages but have hydrodynamic connection as they rest in the same sinkhole mass.

The cave is a three-storied labyrinth with the total length more than 5km. The lower level is fully flooded. The middle level is the main with the average width of 2-3m and height ranging between 1,5 and 5m and becomes flooded from time to time. This is the place where the first Bukovynian stalactites were found. The cave may be used for scientific and recreation purpose, as well as for speleotourism. The cave is protected by law as a geological natural monument of national importance.

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Inside the cave