Kitsman district is located in the South-West part of the forest and prairie area of Chernivtsi oblast and borders on Vizhnytsya, Zastavna and Storozhynets districts of the oblast occupying the territory of 60.8 sq. km.


The district territory is the smallest one in the whole oblast. It stretches 20 km from the West to the East and 40 km from the North to the South. Main roads connect all villages of the district.


The village of Mamayivtsi is located on the left bank of the Prut river 10 km afar from the district center. The territory of the village and its outskirts has 20 architecture monuments. The first historic record about Mamayivtsi dates back to 1580.


Luzhany urban village has Uspenska Church which is one of the oldest Orthodox temples (15th century).


Kitsman town, the District center is located on the banks of the Sovytsya river 25 km to the North-West from Chernivtsi. The first historic record about Kitsman dates back to 1413.


There are a lot of lakes and ponds suitable for leisure and fishing in the district. The district forests occupy almost 8,000 hectares populated by the wild boar, fox, hare, deer, pheasant and other species.


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