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10. Dale Murray [dalemurray]   (18.05.2015 19:38) E-mail
What a wonderful site! I am looking for any information regarding Kostascz Dumanska (Dumanski), born June 10, 1844. He served in the Austrian army and was decorated twice. He emigrated to Canada via England in 1906. His father was Anton Dumanska (Dumanski) born (?). His mother was Mary (Martsa) Bokla. The family originated from Pohorilivka, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Any knowledge or information regarding this person or family would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Dale Dumanski

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9. Alethea   (25.01.2013 17:55) E-mail
A very nice site to visit. Lots of information and beautiful pictures!

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8. loyadayTola   (28.10.2012 22:04) E-mail
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7. Dale Dumanska [bluemaverick]   (08.10.2012 18:46) E-mail
Dale Dumanski, Alberta, Canada. Beautiful site. It is my hope to come and visit this beautiful place that my ancestors came from.

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6. what is hyperglycemia   (26.06.2012 14:59) E-mail
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5. Jens Eskelsen   (13.06.2012 17:10) E-mail
Hey I had the opportunity to hike up to the Hawk's Eye in the spring of 2008. Ever since that day I have always wanted to go back. I am planning my trip back to Ukraine and I need help getting back to the Hawk's eye. Does anyone know what village is close by or the ski resort that I may plan this trip?

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4. Ari Rennert   (24.05.2011 23:45) E-mail
The grave in the jewish cemetery is not in Yiddish, but in hebrew.

This language is ancient but it is still spoken today by several millions.

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3. [Doctor]   (12.03.2010 23:14)

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2. Bykovynets   (07.03.2010 20:53)
Mr.K., приезжайте wink

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1. Mr. K.   (12.02.2010 07:46)
Красота! Хочу туда.


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