The city day coincides with the first written mention about Chernivtsi in "Statute of Tax” chronicle written on 8th October 1408 by Oleksandr Dobriy, a Moldavian master. Festive events take place on the first October weekend. In 2008 Chernivtsi celebrated its 600th anniversary.

The holiday starts on the Centralna square exactly at 12:00 when a trumpeter in Bukovynian folk clothes plays "Marichka” melody from the City Hall balcony. At this time Centralna square looks as a big market as it used to be a long time ago. Folk craftsmen, book sellers and confectioners spread out their shopboards here. 


At the same time a solemn motion takes place in Soborna square where municipal workers, professors of local universities, honoured sportspeople, successful businesspeople and other people of merit from Chernivtsi together with common city residents walk accompanied by nicely dressed girls from the drum squadron. After that Soborna square becomes the main concert site of the city. During the daytime choir, folklore and dancer groups give their performances here and at night the time of stage stars comes. Other city squares welcome various exhibitions, trivia games and contests. The holiday program also includes "Bukovynian Meetings” International Folklore Festival, "Folk Crafts” and "Bukovynian Springs” folk craft festival, as well as the festival of Ukrainian, Romanian, Jewish, German-Austrian, Polish national culture and cuisine.