Khotyn district is located in the North-Eastern part of Chernivtsi oblast. It borders on Novoselytsa district in the South, Kelmentsy district in the East, Zastavna district in the West and Ternopil and Khmelnitskiy oblasts in the North. The Northern border goes along the Dnister river. The district occupies 717 sq. km. The administrative center is the ancient town of Khotyn located 69 km afar from Chernivtsi.


Archeologists found that a Slavic settlement existed on the territory of today’s Khotyn city in VIII century. Eastern Slavs built a wooden fortress on the right bank of the Dnister which was surrounded by settlements later. In XIII century Prince Danylo of Galicia ordered to replace the wooden fortress by a stone one, which was many times reconstructed and enlarged, destroyed by conquerors and rebuilt again. The walls of Khotyn Fortress were witnesses of many historical events and numerous battles. The biggest battle took place in 1621. Khotyn Fortress is the greatest historical and architectural monument of Khotyn district.


It is interesting to visit the museum of local lore located in a park in the center of Khotyn. Next to the museum there is Sviato-Pokrovska built in 1867-1868.


Sviato-Mikolaivska Church, the oldest monument of architecture, is located in the Southern part of Khotyn. The church belongs to the temple heritage uncommon for Ukraine and originating from traditions of the Afon center of Christian monasteries.


Excellent panoramas of Bukovina villages can be seen from the top of the Nedoboivska mountain with its windmills built in the XIV century.


The largest village of Khotyn district is famous for Leonid Kadeniuk, the first astronaut of independent Ukraine who was born there. The village school has an aerospace museum.


The cemetery of Stavchany village has a large burial mound. Russian warriors taking part in Stavchany battle in 1739 rest there.


The tour along the right bank of the Dnister starts in Ataki village located 2 km away from Khotyn. A vivid panorama opens from the Rashkivska mountain. The rocks above the Dnister close to Rashkova village have several caves.


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