In 2006 Chernivtsi oblast welcomed the first rally on its territory. Tortuous mountain passages appeared to be perfect for fascinating risky car races and since then several events have been held in the region every year. Such events can be regular (as a part of the Cup of Ukraine) or irregular (like Chernivtsi 600 coincided with the 600th anniversary of the city). Bukovyna, Carpathian Golden Autumn and Bucovynian Winter rallies can be mentioned among others.

As a rule events are organized by the Chernivtsi Regional Automobile Club together with the Autosport Federation of Ukraine and local authorities.


Bukovyna 2009

Crew: Reshetilov - Chernega

Bukovyna 2009

Bukovyna  2007

Crew: Petrenko - Yarovenko

Bukovynian Winter 2009

Crew: Ostapchenko - Vansovych

Carpathian Golden Autumn 2009


Carpatian Golden Autumn 2009 - Opening Ceremony

(Courtesy of "Platynum Bukovyna" portal - bukovyna.biz.ua)

Bukovynian Winter 2008

Bukovyna 2009. A car accident