The Bukovynian part of the Carpathians is famous for its incredibly beautiful nature and landscape variety. Travelling in this area you’ll meet green mountains, mixed forests full of mushrooms and berries, various rock formations, caves and grottos, waterfalls and rivers, as well as a number of mineral water sources. If you are lucky you’ll meet a roe deer, Carpathian squirrel, partridge or pheasant, fire salamander or Carpathian newt in the forest. Also you’ll become familiar with the culture and lifestyle of hutsuls, the traditional population of the Ukrainian Carpathians.


All this will leave plenty of positive impressions and interesting memories to you. You’ll know lots of new and interesting things, recreate yourself and take your mind off the city noise and troubles.


During hiking tours tourists usually live at a tent camp and make daily radial trips in the mountains towards local sights.


A typical tour includes a trip to the Protyate Kaminnya rock mass, visiting numerous grottos, caves, chine, steep walls up to 70 meters high, as well as a unique Hawk Eye rock formation; visiting Smuharski Waterfalls; a hike to a mineral resources, the cave of legendary Oleksa Dovbush and excursion inside it; a hike to the Pidzakharychi visiting its local Ethnography and Folklore Museum; as well as sitting by the fire at a nice company, new acquaintances, good humour, unique nature, pure mountain air, mushrooms, berries, swimming in a mountain river.


On the way

The camp