It’s hard to believe but two centuries ago this place was a dense forest. In 1800 the municipal government even had to issue an edict to organize wolf hunting to keep the city safe. But a hundred years thereafter this former outskirt was already proudly bearing the name of Elizabeth square featuring multi-storey buildings.


The architectural ensemble of Teatralna ("Theater”) square with its granite slopes towards the center is one of the most exciting and beautiful Chernivtsi places. A decoration of the square and its key building is Olha Kobylyanska Music and Drama Theater built in 1903-1905 by architects H.Helmer and F.Fellner. The theater is a harmonic combination of neo-baroque and Art Nouveau styles.


The new Art Nouveau secession style dominating in Chernivtsi in the early XX century also influenced other architectural works in Teatralna square an example of which is the Jewish National House (no the City Culture Palace) built in 1908. F.Gottesman’s Chamber of Commerce and Crafts built in 1908-1910 features late secession.


Behind this building within the rectangular formed by four streets (Hrushevskiy, Kotlyarevskiy, Mickiewicz and Vatutin st.) you’ll find the monumental structure of Chernivtsi State Administration initially built in 1905-1906 as the Palace of Justice.

GALLERY (click photos to enlarge)

Medical University main building (former Chamber of Commerce and Crafts)

Ornamental details


An apartment building on Theater's left

A turret

Chernivtsi Drama Theater

Theater ticket office

Chernivtsi Culture Palace (former Jewish National House)

An ornamental feature

Officer's House and Prut hotel

Stern st. (behind the Theater)

An old Milk Cafe sign

The building behind the Theater (now a public school)