Vyzhnytsya district is located in the West of Chernivtsi region at the foothills of the Bukovynian Carpathians along the Cheremosh and Siret rivers. The administrative center is Vyzhnytsya town.


The district territory makes 903.4 sq. km, which is 11.2% of the territory of Chernivtsi oblast. The district population is 58,900 people, or 6.2% of oblast population. Most people (67.8%) live in the countryside. The district is multinational.


The main tourist and recreational opportunities are provided by Vyzhnytsya national natural park and natural monuments of the Protyate Kaminnya rock and Sokolyne Oko mountain located within the range of a one-day tourist route. There are also numerous waterfalls on the Vyzhenka river, as well as natural mineral water springs.

The park also runs tourist activities focused on:

·         Recreation and healing tourism;

·         Sports tourism;

·         Environmental tourism;

·         Organization of tours within Ukraine having different purposes and tasks;

·         Exotic tourism


In order to develop these types of tourism necessary infrastructure elements (marked paths, restrooms, and shelters) have been developed. Tourists can use Cheremosh hotel for 500 people, "Nimchich" tourist center for 50 people, "Zeieni Pahorby" center for 360 people, and other places.


Folk crafts are highly developed in Vyzhnytsya district including fancywork, carpet making and wood carving. There is Vyzhnytsya College of Applied Art, which is a community of craftsman of amateur and folk art of Bukovina. The district also has some essential archeological, architectural and cultural sites.


Vizhnytsya town is the local center of concentration of historical monuments. The first historic record about the town was found in a Moldavian chronicle dated 1501. The town is located at the foothills of the Carpathians. It was developed as a trade settlement for quite a long time. The timber industry started to develop there at the end of the XVIII century. After that Vyzhnytsya became an important timber industry center. Building timber and firewood were floated down to Chernivtsi and then to Besarabia and Podillya through Boyany village.


Names of many famous Ukrainian culture personalities are connected with Vyzhnytsya, some of which are Yuriy Fedkovych, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Marko Vovchok, Olha Kobylyanska, Vasil Stefanyk, Hnat Khotkevych.


Vyzhnytsya is famous for its "Smerichka" amateur music group and "Smerechina" folk dancing group. Nazariy Yaremchuk and Vasyl Zinkevich, the famous artists of national significance started their careers here. Vyzhnytsya folk museum opens its doors for those who want to learn the history of this land and to see the best examples of handcraft.


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