There are three basic opportunities for rafting in Bukovyna

1)   Rafting down the Cheremosh river between Vyzhnytsya and Chernivtsi (85 km)

The Cheremosh river starts at the place of confluence of the Black and White Cheremosh rivers next to Usteriki settlement in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast and joins the Prut near Zeleniv in Chernivtsi oblast. The river length is about 80 km. In its upper part the Cheremosh flows in mountains and the flow speed reaches 15km/h organizing twisting channel with numerous rapids and rifts. Near Vyzhnytsya the river becomes broader, plain and slows down to 7-8 km/h. Here starts the route.



A typical tour includes a trip to the Protyate Kaminnya rock mass, visiting numerous grottos, caves, chine, steep walls up to 70 meters high, as well as a unique Hawk Eye rock formation; visiting Smuharski Waterfalls; a hike to a mineral resources, the cave of legendary Oleksa Dovbush and excursion inside it; a hike to the Pidzakharychi visiting its local Ethnography and Folklore Museum; as well as sitting by the fire at a nice company, new acquaintances, good humour, unique nature, pure mountain air, mushrooms, berries, swimming in a mountain river.


Horse riding

Routes developed for horse riding and traveling will satisfy both beginners and experienced riders. Local horse clubs offer teaching riding for beginners, riding for people with different experience levels and long-lasting horse tours for groups.

Horse tours last 1-3 days. Guests have an opportunity to visit attractive sights of the region and spend a night at a tourist camp. Routs of horse tours are basically the same to hiking routes.



The region is full of fish resources. There are a lot of big and small rivers, lakes and ponds full of carp, crucian carp, silver porge, perch, pike, bream and other fish species of which fishing fans may dream. There is also trout. Although fishing trout is generally forbidden as it’s now quite rare in Carpathian rivers there are several trout farms where you can enjoy fishing this noble specie.



Skiing is offered by several Bukovynian tourist complexed, in particular:

Nimchych complex located in Pidzakharychy village of Putyla district. The complex has two platter pulls, 400m and 800m. Ski, children equipment, snowboards are offered for rent. Ski instructor assistance may be provided. The territory includes a hotel and a restaurant with hutsul, georgean and European cuisine.



In 2006 Chernivtsi oblast welcomed the first rally on its territory. Tortuous mountain passages appeared to be perfect for fascinating risky car races and since then several events have been held in the region every year. Such events can be regular (as a part of the Cup of Ukraine) or irregular (like Chernivtsi 600 coincided with the 600th anniversary of the city). Bukovyna, Carpathian Golden Autumn and Bucovynian Winter rallies can be mentioned among others.



Thanks to SUPERSROSS track Chernivtsi hosts a number of domestic and international motocross activities. In 1996 FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) certified the track for Europe and World Championships. This is the only Ukrainian track certified for holding World Chanpionships.



A paraglider is the most reliable and the lightest aircraft, the most committed intermediary between the human and the sky. Paraglider flights are open to everyone wishing to fly and don’t require long-term preparation.

If you wish just a one-time entertainment you can make a trial flight. If you are too much excited you may try a tandem flight with a licensed pilot.