Due to smooth Carpathian slopes paragliding became a popular sport in Bukovyna. Today paragliding is the most reliable and safety way to experience a flight. A paraglider is the most reliable and the lightest aircraft, the most committed intermediary between the human and the sky. Paraglider flights are open to everyone wishing to fly and don’t require long-term preparation.

If you wish just a one-time entertainment you can make a trial flight. If you are too much excited you may try a tandem flight with a licensed pilot.

Paragliding is exercised through the whole year provided good weather. Good weather means that meteorological conditions are favourable for trial flights, it’s not raining and the wind is gentle.

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Starting from the Gorbovo mountain

Group flights

Flying over the Carpathians...

...over and over again


Starting near the Cheremosh


Flight over Chernivtsi (Courtesy of Oleksandr Berezan)