Putyla district lies in the South-West of Chernivtsi region, the highest part of the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains, and borders on Romania. The district territory stretches over 900 sq. km about 63% of ahich are covered with forests. The district population is 26,700 people. The administrative center is the settlement of Putyla located 120 km away from Chernivtsi. The district directly communicates to neighboring Rumania through 2 admission points one of which is used for passenger cars.

Putyla district is one of the most beautiful parts of Bukovina. People living there are generous, kind and hospitable. They have excellent traditions. The district has a lot of architecture and history monuments, as well as unique nature. This is the land of century-old forests where spruce and beech trees dominate. There are more than 50 types of plants growing in the forests with arnica, medick herb, St.-John's wort, forest lily and edelweiss among them.


The animal world of the district is characterized by great variety. The Carpathian deer, roe, wild bore, fox, squirrel, hedgehog, hare, badger live in the forests. The swallow, titmouse, woodpecker, pigeon, owl, bullfinch can be met among the bird species.


Mountains and steep ridges go high into the sky. The beautiful sounds of rivers resound in the gorges. The king trout plays in the crystal-clear streams.


Putyla urban village of is located in a picturesque valley among the mountains. The Putylka river, the biggest tributary of the Cheremoch flows there.


The greater portion of Putyla district is the mountainous area located in the very South-West of the region. The Jarovitsa Mountain (1,574 m), Zhupani (1,488 m) and Chornij Dil (1,452 m) being the highest points of the Bukovynian Carpathians can be found there.


Complicated mountainous relief allows mainly breeding cattle and taking advantage of the timber and food industries. Meat and milk cattle, sheep, and horses are grown here. Here work several milk and meat processing enterprises. "Lizhnyky" (wool blankets), the oldest hutsul products well-known far outside this land, are also made here.


Dovgopillia, Putyla and Sarata villages have brick and tile raw materials, deposits of marble and mineral water springs.


There are more than 20 history and architecture monuments in the district ranking as its historical heritage:

The Oleksa Dovbush cave, which is a historical evidence of events from XVIII century;

Hirske Oko - a picturesque mountain lake of natural origin;

Nimchich Pass, located at the meeting-point of three districts- Putyla, Vizhnytsa of Chernivtsi region and Kosiv district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. A wide mountain valley panorama with the Cheremosh can be seen from the pass.

The Kamyana Bahachka located in Ust-Putyla village on the left side of the road. The rock is also called the Damned rock due to a legend that lives in Putyla.

In Putyla there is the memorial manor of Yuriy Fedkovych, a Ukrainian literature personality. The house was built at the beginning of XVIII century. St. Nicolas church is an architectural monument located 60 meters from the estate. Yuriy Fedkovych granted a parcel of his own land to build the church in 1886.

There is one of the oldest wooden constructions in the village of Seliatin on the very border with Romania, a church of XVII century built without any use of a single nail.

Traditional yearly celebration of "Vikhod na Poloninu" ("Coming out to mountain meadow") is held in Putyla during the last week of May.


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