Location: Ust-Putyla village, Putyla district

The Kamyana Bahachka (literary "petrified rich lady”) is in Ust-Putyla village next to the confluence of the Putylka river into the Cheremosh. The rock is located on the left side of the road and is a 30m-high and 12m-wide pyramid-shaped geological formation, which makes it similar to a human body.

The legend says that a fierce and rich lady lived at this place long ago. She got to know that a blind old woman had a young and heavenly beautiful daughter, so she decided to enslave the girl. Once the hungry old woman came to the rich one and asked her to hiver her daughter back as she had no one who could give her some food. The rich lady laughed at her and gave her a stone that looked like a loaf of bread. When the old woman understood that she had been tricked she damned the rich liar and she turned into a stone. So she has been standing as a rock over the Cheremosh reminding about the consequences of human greed and abusing the poor.

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A plaque on the cliff telling the legend