Hertsa district is located in the South-Eastern part of Chernivtsi oblast. The district borders on Romania and lies on the oldest trade crossroad. This crossroad stretched from the North Russian principality to the Danube River and Black Sea across the Carpathian Mountain crossings to Central European countries. The district population is 33,000. The district resource base includes brick and tile raw materials, gravel and sand mixtures, mineral water springs and beech and hornbeam forests. The district center is Hertsa, a town located 35 km from Chernivtsi, which is the oldest town of the oblast. The first records about the town of Hertsa date back to 1437. The town has a statue of Georgi Asaki, prominent Romanian writer and playwright, who was born in Hertsa on March 1, 1788.


Hertsa is proud for its rich historical past. Tourists would find interesting Banchenski Sviato-Voznesenski monastery, the most important religious center of the district located in Bancheni village. The monastery was built in 1993 and the construction was funded by Orthodox believers from Bukovina and other regions of Ukraine. The monastery allocates a children house. More than 100 orphans and handicapped children are living there at the time.


Vivid outskirts of the district villages have a lot of lakes. Their water is full of carps, crucians and perches. The lakes of Bukovka, Tarnavka, Kulikivka, and Godinivka villages have summerhouses on their banks.



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