Every city has its Street. In Paris it’s Champs Elysees, in Odessa it’s Deribasovskaya, in Chernivtsi this rank belongs to Olha Kobylyanska (formerly Panska – "Herrengasse”) street.


It flies like a beam from Centralna square by jolly musicians near the Wedding Palace to make a small stop next to the Holy Spirit Cathedral and then continue rushing on to German National House. Like most other streets personifying their cities Kobylyanska st. is not too long (600 m) and pedestrianized. Every tourist will find it wonderful for walking, having a tasty lunch, buying a gift or just a city souvenir.


You still can meet a city resident remembering cleaners washing Herrengasse several times a day and as vendors bringing their goods from suburbs here had to clean their boots before stepping on this pavement. And any dirty cart arriving to the city from neighbouring villages wasn’t allowed to this Chernivtsi VIP area.


On the left side of the street beginning you’ll notice a building with graceful tower. Sometimes it was Habsburg coffee house and now you’ll find a branch of the National Bank of Ukraine here.


All houses of this street have are proud of high architectural value. Some of them are house No. 36, the Polish National House with Renaissance epytympanum (renovated in 1905, architect F.Skovron) and facing it house No.53, the German National House built in 1908 by Gustav Frich. Medieval motifs are reconsidered in the spirit of neoromanticism and Jugendstil here with the use of traditional folk architecture elements. Interior murals were made by Alfred Offner. Today these houses also allocated societies of Polish and Austrian-German culture heritage.


Neo-Renaissance forms also dominate in the house No.29 erected in 1878, now the Wedding Ceremony Palace.

GALLERY (click photos to enlarge)

Kobylyanska st. from Centralna sq. The National Bank building is on the left

Beginning of the street


Old-styled lanterns make the street especially charming

The Local Economic Court and Olha Kobylyanska Movie Palace

The middle of the street

Centralna sq. as seen from Kobylyanska st.

Art Saloon

An antique-styled bas-relief picture above the Art Saloon

Memorial plaque to Moses Altman, a famous Jewish writer

The building on the corner of Gogol st.

The Local Lore Museum is on the left

An ornamental detail

Chernivtsi Local Lore Museum

The middle of Kobylyanska st., Shevchenko st. seen in the end

The Wedding Ceremony Hall

The Holy Spirit Cathedral as seen from Kobylyanska st.

The last third part of the street

Vienna Cafe

Vienna Cafe in the winter

Polish National House

German National House

Kobylyanska st. from Shevchenko st.