Warm memories about my vacations in Egypt.

Sunset in Hurghada

Sunset in Hurghada

Sunset on the Red Sea

Sunset behind palms

Sunset behind palms

Sunset on the Red Sea

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Периодически посещаю эту интересную и, во многом (правда, не во всем), прекрасную страну. О серьезном пойдет в других разделах. В этом разделе - о не совсем серьезном. Итак, фотки со смартфона - те, что полюбопытнее:

В чем сила брат? Судя по результатам выборов, сила не только в правде, но и в валютных ограничениях.


«Продается дом на Поле чудес». Надо понимать, названия страны, где Поле чудес находится, авторы объявления не указали намеренно. Стесняются?

А кто-то в Молдавии «открывает ручку» вверх?


Торгово-офисный центр «Атриум», гордость Кишинева. Так ... Read more »

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Here are some shots from the everyday life in Ukraine that might be funny for those, who have lived here. I'm writing this in Russian as the humour below fits this language best.


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During this Christmas season Chernivtsi Oblast forestry enterprises sold more than 8.6 thousand fir trees for an amount over UAH 393 thousand.

"This is considerably less than in previous years," informed the Oblast Forestry Department.

In the opinion of both officials and foresters this is a positive trend as the amount of stock now meets the market demand, which allows saving green spaces.

Moreover, the implementation of zip-code chips allowed avoiding illegal tree cutting.

Verification of cutting legitimacy and surveying of territories where Christmas trees were cut will proceed till end March.
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Singing Deputy in the Chernivtsi Oblast Rada

Youtube now features a video clip with Vitaliy Tkachuk, a Deputy of Chernivtsi Oblast Rada, and lady singer Anna Damanska. Their duet renders "Don't Be Jealous" ("Не ревнуй"), a chanson Russian song.

"What made me sing was the cruelty of this world. I have many songs about love which, I believe, rules the world," said the "singing" Deputy to our reporter.

According to Vitaliy Tkachuk the clip was made in Chernivtsi in Kobylyanska street. "The clip was shot by professional clipmakers. The video director was Vlad Bogdanov," added the Deputy. The amount incurred by the Deputy for his first video remains a secret.

Vitaliy Tkachuk also told that his musical collection includes several songs and he has an intention to release an album soon.

Vitaliy Tkachuk has been a Deputy of Chernivtsi Oblast Rada since 2010.
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Please, visit them at http://www.eby.co.il
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December 23rd, Saturday. The first sunny day after a week of snowfalls. -20C cold.

A great day to go out and take some pics! :)

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