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Welcome to BUKOVYNA COGNITA, a website about the land of Bukovyna!


What is Cognita? In Latin "cognita" means "explored". But differently from the abstract terra incognita which, despite being a black box, has been heard by everyone, Bukovyna could be more famous in the world. The aim of this website is to spread the information on this land worldwide and we'll do our best to become the fullest and the most informative resource in and on this area.


Bukovyna is a real unique and magnificent land. It has passed through the times of the Moldovan Principality, Ottoman Empire, Austrian Empire, Russian Empire, Romania, USSR, and its Northern part is now part to the independent Ukraine. During all those times this land has retained its unique nature and culture, customs and traditions, thus keeping its mupltiple identity safe. People born here have become prominent figures of Austria, Germany, Romania, Russia and, naturally, Ukraine.


This land provides plenty of opportunities in numerous fields best described by the word unique. Its nature is unique for its beautiful forests and mountains, green fields and vivid flowers. Is culture has saturated the best features from all civilizations that collided here. The architecture of Chernivtsi, the actual capital of Bukovyna, is unique for its Barocco style, with the University building (former Residence of Bukovynian bishops erected by immortal Josef Hlavka) reckoned amongst the most beautiful educational buildings of the world. This land's tourism opportunities are nearly inexhaustible. The list of such uniquenesses could be continued but this page is too short to describe them all in detail, so our site's menue includes a really substantial number of other pages.


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This section will tell you about Bukovyna, its history, culture, nature and administrative structure





This page provides information about Chernivtsi, its history, facts, streets, architecture and much more





This part tells about natural sights that you can find in Bukovyna. The subsections include Mountains, Forests & Parks, Water Resources and Caves places





Here you'll see what is worth seeing in Chernivtsi, the main city of the area. This part is divided in Architecture, Cathedrals & Churches, Monuments and Museums subsections





Here you'll find information about historical and cultural places of interest located out of Chernivtsi. This section doesn't include natural sights which were segregated in a different category (see above) due to their number and importance to the region





This is to inform you about recreation and leisure opportunities in the region. The subsections include places good for skiing, treatment and leisure





Bukovyna offers lots of opportunities for doing various sports and watching sport events. Here you'll learn about rafting, hiking, paragliding, rallies and other types of sport which you may find in the region